Adsl connection high ping

  dave_the_red 10:08 12 Oct 2004

I have a 512k adsl connection and am experiencing a ping of about 200 when playing online games. Sometimes when I boot up I get a message saying something like, "other devices are occupying the usb bandwidth, click ok to allow your modem to adjust the available bandwidth" When I click ok it takes about a minute to sort itself out. I think this is the famous AMD processor and usb modem problem. But I was wondering if this could affect my ping, as it used to be fine before I started getting this error message.

I first started getting this message when I installed a new graphics card, could this be the problem.



  dave_the_red 10:52 12 Oct 2004


  Trolley 12:39 12 Oct 2004

There is a virus that causes a lot of ping traffic to random websites.

I had it, and after running a fully up-to-date virus scan the virus was detected, removed and bandwidth came back to normal.

Maybe this will work.

  dave_the_red 12:47 12 Oct 2004

Thanks trolley, I did a full scan yesterday using norton antivirus but just to be sure I will do another using an online scanner tonight.

I have also used ad-aware and spybot to get rid of any spyware.

  PsiFox 12:51 12 Oct 2004

What about pings to non gaming servers?

I doubt it is your graphics card.

With regard to the USB Bandwidth message, have you tried unplugging the other usb devices before you boot and then connecting to a games server. If so does it alleviate the problem.

Try running "tracert" to see if you have a problem at one of the server hops.


  dave_the_red 13:36 12 Oct 2004

I have only got a printer connected by USB but I will disconnect that and see what happens.

Psifox, my ping to non gaming servers seems to be slightly better, but I will run some proper tests tonight and see what that shows. Usually on games servers my ping is about 200, and on non gaming servers it is about 125. They are only rough figures from a couple of tests.

I used this website for the ping test.

Thanks for your input and I will let you know how the trace and ping tests go tonight when I get home from work.


  dave_the_red 19:49 12 Oct 2004

The ping at each server hop is averaging 170.
I have unplugged my printer and seems to have solved the bandwidth problem.

Any other ideas on the ping

  dave_the_red 09:28 13 Oct 2004

I managed to lower the ping. I used a program called tweakmaster, it took some trial and error but eventually it sorted my problem.

My download speeds are now slightly lower, but I am getting an average ping of around 35 now. Which is what I needed as I play online games a lot.

Thanks for your input Psifox and Trolley.


  PsiFox 11:03 13 Oct 2004

Glad you got it sorted.

What do you play on line?

If you like Desert Combat or BFV I am an admin for a couple of servers. We have a Teamspeak setup too.

Take a look at our dedicated site

click here


  dave_the_red 11:56 13 Oct 2004

I am thinking of getting BFV but have never got round to it. I am a member of an Enemy Territory clan and play that more than anything. Will have a look at your site tonight anyway. Thanks for the link.

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