ADSL Bband and connection problems

  Killo Bite 09:20 25 Jun 2007

Ok, AOL BB, who my friend is with lost connection totally one night last week. Have checked his computer and replaced with a spare identical USB ADSL Modem. All ok

Have found out that both his next door neighbours one being with AOL and other being Tiscali also have no internet access.

Have called BT and they carried out line test in about 2mins all tested ok, they say call your isp.

ISP AOL contacted but pre-recorded and they did a automated line test for problems and all ok. They say contact your tel provider being BT.

So BT pass buck to AOL & AOL pqass buck to BT.

With my friend being hard of hearing, I will be sorting this problem out. Thing is what and who can I discuss this problem with.

Neighbour also reports line noise. Myself think the problem is BT somewhere between exchange to street.

Looking around google searches seem to me AOL & BT hate each other.

  ^wave^ 09:26 25 Jun 2007

who does he pay his line rent too, they are the people to contact then insist they sort out the problem can he make voice calls.

  Killo Bite 18:50 25 Jun 2007

They say because it effecting his BB then contact AOL. Its also effecting line quality like crackling, clicking on the line, BT say they carn't here anything and nothing found.

  Graham. 20:37 25 Jun 2007

AOL must take your report of a broadband fault.

BT must take your report of a noisy line.

As this is affecting the neighbours as well, the problem is likely to be an underground cable fault. Report the fault to BT online click here.

Keep an eye on it at the same site, as the robots may close it on the first pass. If they do, raise another fault, this will then go to a human.

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