adsl 2 puters do i use router?

  dazzling (work) 09:22 15 Aug 2003

if i get broadband i have 2 pcs in different is not practical to hardwire them my only option an wirless adsl router or is there another way to get broadband to both pcs.

  fitshase 11:34 15 Aug 2003

You have another (cheaper) option than a router. Simply make the PC closest (say machine 1) to the ADSL connection the gateway machine and use a wireless card (or usb device) in both machine 1 and the other machine (say machine 2).

That way, while machine 1 is switched on, you have a wireless network with machine 2 and then machine 2 can use the internet connection by going through machine 1.

However, the wireless router would be the only option if you wanted access to the internet from any machine without having to have another machine switched on.

On this set up, simply hardwire the router to the nearest computer, buy a wireless network card for the second machine and you're sorted.

You can buy a combined ADSL modem and wireless router from a variety of manufacturers, such as Netgear and Belkin.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 15 Aug 2003

Just buy another ADSL modem (£29.99 at PCW) and use that, assuming that you will not be connected to the net on both computers at the same time and that you have phone sockets in each room.


  dazzling (work) 15:03 16 Aug 2003

thanks it possible for both pc to use one adsl line at the same time with an obvious reduction in speed or does it work like dial up sorry for my ignorance.darren

  fitshase 20:48 17 Aug 2003

If you use a router, it is possible to share the connection at the same time.

Also, if you use the gateway machine route then it is also possible (but one computer has to be on while the other is connected).

If you do go for the router, get one with an ADSL modem built in. That means that there are less links in the chain to go wrong!



  dazzling (work) 22:26 29 Aug 2003

thanks guys.darren

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