Ads slowing my internet

  Wendy 12:15 19 Aug 2013

I stupidly clicked on something about a free prize, which of course I was told I didn't qualify for. Ever since, I've had new internet pages opening up whenever I am online. As I have slow broadband to begin with (less than 1 mbps) this is a really serious nuisance - slowing me down terribly. I've got popups blocked, but of course it doesn't make any difference. I uninstalled Chrome (which I was using at the time) and am now using the latest IE, but still the nuisance is there. I have searched all the programs list to see if I could uninstall anything, but I don't know where this thing has insinuated itself. Does anyone know where to look to get rid of it?

  michaelw 12:37 19 Aug 2013

1st of all download, install and update the free version of Malwarebytes and run a full scan click here that doesn't clear the nasties download and run ADWCleaner and read the instructions on the d/load page click here


  woodchip 14:57 19 Aug 2013

First turn off Java Script in your Browser, then download Hosts File and load it to stop bad sites loading

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 19 Aug 2013

Be very careful about downloading AdwCleaner from the Cnet link

you must decline all the license processes (3)

and then choose Advance install and untick the toolbar that would be loaded.

  Wendy 17:11 19 Aug 2013

Thanks for all the replies - much appreciated. So far I have downloaded and run the Malwarebytes program. It found 20 odd items relating to Wajam. I deleted that lot and re-started, and so far things seem ok.

I hope that the Malwarebytes isn't the same thing as the AdwCleaner?

  john bunyan 17:41 19 Aug 2013

Another free malware remover is Superantispyware. See :

SAS It can be used as well as Malawarebytes and sometimes finds Adaware tracking cookies missed by the former. You have to update both programmes fairly often. I have a slight preference for SAS as it is quicker. Do use the freebie.I would leave AdwCleaner alone as others have found problems of it installing unwanted toolbars.

  Wendy 09:55 20 Aug 2013

Thanks again for all the advice. I will look into the SAS ware. I have checked out the HOSTS idea but I am still thinking about it. I afraid it might slow the start up/computer too much, given that I have less than 1mbps here anyway.

However, I will not be tempted by the chance of anything free in future. I think it is fair to say that the problem is resolved.

Thanks again to all of you who replied and helped me out!

  Wendy 10:24 26 Aug 2013

Actually I still had problems so I used the host file idea suggested by Woodchip. It seems to have worked, in that pages try to open but are blocked. So I sent them a donation and will try to have updates sent. I am now reluctant to close the thread in case it still isn't fully fixed.

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