Adobe Reader Problem

  ronm 19:25 08 Feb 2011

I have a Sony laptop VGN417S running windows XP, my Adobe Reader 9 has worked fine up to now when as soon as I access it the following message is displayed" The instruction @ 0x66002110 Ref memory @ 0x66002110 could not be written please terminate program". I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it but just get the same error message . I have scanned with antivirus and malware but no success, any suggestions.

  iscanut 19:34 08 Feb 2011

Try installing the latest version X ( or 10 ! ) and see what happens. click here

  ronm 20:35 08 Feb 2011

I tried downloading X as but could not as it told me my system was not suitable although it appears to satisfy the technical requirements any more suggestions?

  tullie 20:48 08 Feb 2011

Try Foxit Reader,its free,if ok for you uninstall Adobe.

  chub_tor 20:51 08 Feb 2011

I agree with tullie Foxit Reader click here

  ronm 23:14 09 Feb 2011

I have given up on Adobe and installed Foxit as suggested Many Thanks for your help

  Muergo 00:08 10 Feb 2011

Try downloading using File Hippo you may find different varieties for IE and non IE solves your problem.

I always use Hippo it's very useful, tells you when an update on your software is available, that is, after you let it scan your computer to find what you have.
Does not do Microsoft so no clashes there.

  Muergo 12:25 10 Feb 2011

There are new updates for Shockwave and Flash to add to the Reader, all critical they say.

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