Adobe Reader problem

  griffo 12:27 25 Mar 2005

A colleague has a new Acer Aspire 1360WLMi with XP Home. He, like several of us on our LAN, uses a website that employs Acrobat Reader to open (then save/print) certain pages it produces. On all our other machines this works fine and Reader opens quite quickly, soon after a progress bar has appeared. On the Acer when we select 'view print', instesd of reader opening, the progress bar moves very slowly until it nearly reaches the end, then we get a 'timeout' error message. This PC, like the rest, has readers 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 installed. 7.0 isn't actually necessary, the rest are as, some programmes only work with one edition of Reader.
Can anyone please suggest what we might try to resolve this? Have tried uninstalling every copy of Reader and re-installing.

  MichelleC 13:13 25 Mar 2005

Adobe Reader Speedup may help click here It loads a lot faster.

  Icky 14:43 25 Mar 2005

FoxIt is a free pdf reader and it's very fast. click here

  griffo 15:00 25 Mar 2005

MichelleC - have downloaded and installed but can't see how to run it?

Icky - can't use anything but AR as this is what the website uses. Thanks anyway

  freaky 15:49 25 Mar 2005

There have been problems with Adobe Reader 7.0 which I have encountered myself. The problems were so bad that I reverted to V6.0.

I understand that Adobe have now brought out V7.1 because of this, cannot comment on using it though.

  Fellsider 16:46 25 Mar 2005

Sometimes when I try to open a pdf file online it takes ages to load Acrobat Reader.

So I right click the file and use 'save target as..' it downloads quickly, then save it and to read it later, open Acrobat Reader then select the file.

  griffo 16:56 25 Mar 2005

the specific problem is that the software on the website we use, is supposed to initiate Acrobat Reader to create the pages we need but it doesn't on this PC.

  Wak 19:26 25 Mar 2005

I had a similar problem to this some time ago and found that earlier issues of Adobe used the file called Acroread.exe to start Adobe running whilst later issues of Adobe used the file called AcroRd32.exe.
The Adobe instructions file (Acroread.exe) embedded in earlier Web sites therefore do not activate the file called AcroRD32.exe which is used in Adobe 6.0 and later.
To overcome the problem I use Adobe 6.0 but have inserted both files (Acroread.exe and AcroRd32.exe) in C:\Program files\Adobe \Acrobat 6.0\ Reader.
Now, regardless of whether the Web Site has an old or a new version of the Adobe operating file, Adobe 6.0 always opens and operates.
Having all operating files in the one version of Adobe saves having to install all full versions of Adobe in the one System.
I would also add that when Adobe is installed, it inserts certain files into Internet Explorer so that Adobe PDF files will open directly in I.E.
However, if I.E. is updated or replaced then the certain files from Adobe are removed and Adobe must also be replaced in order to re-insert the necessary files back in to I.E.
I hope this is of some help to you.

  griffo 19:54 25 Mar 2005

thanks for this - would like to try it but have done a search for 'acroread.exe' both on the 'problem' laptop (XP Home) and on a 'working' desktop (W98SE)- can't find it on either??

  Wak 20:33 25 Mar 2005

Hi, I have Win 98SE and can send you the file if you wish to try it? It's 7.5 MB so it could take a few minutes. I assume you have Broadband?
It certainly won't do any harm.
E-mail me through the yellow envelope if you want me to send it.

  Wak 21:05 25 Mar 2005

If Zipped this file goes down to 3.5MB and could be sent via the web site click here which I have used before for sending files which are too large for an e-mail.
It would therefore need unzipping and then dragging into the Adobe/ Reader folder when received.

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