Adobe reader plug in problem

  Munchkin 22:47 06 Jun 2007

I have downloaded a PDF file from a web site which supposedly added a patch to Adobe Reader. I am now unable to open Adobe reader because windows tells me the patch can not be opened. I tried uninstalling Adobe Reader from the control panel "add-remove programs" section, but the same thing happens and I get told this patch can not be accessed and the uninstaller doesn't complete the process !!!! I'm now stuck !!!

  brundle 23:03 06 Jun 2007

Which website, which patch?
Search your system for files ending .api, they are Adobe Reader plugins, delete or rename any that you think match your problem `patch`. Check `to disable a plugin` on the right hand side of this page click here

  Munchkin 20:36 07 Jun 2007

I chucked a wobbly and manually deleted everything from the Adobe folder on my hard drive and hit the "empty" button in the recycle bin. I am left with two files which I am unable to delete. One of them is AcroIEHelper.dll and it tells me it can not be deleted because it is being used by another person or program. The other file is pdfshell.dll and when I try to delete it I am told access is denied to this file. The predicament I am now in is that I am unable to install a new copy of Adobe reader because the above mentioned rouge files prevent me from doing so !!!

  VoG II 20:39 07 Jun 2007
  Munchkin 23:40 07 Jun 2007

I had success with deleteing the files that I was having problems with, but when I try to install a new copy of Adobe Reader the file will download to my computer, but when it tries to run the install part of the process, I get told I already have a copy of Adobe Reader on my computer and the install proceedure goes no further ! This is despite there being no apparent trace of the program on my hard drive. So I am now thinking that there must be something burried deeper withing my computer system which needs accessed to enable me to eradicate all traces of the program !

  brundle 23:46 07 Jun 2007

If you didn't use Add/Remove Programs or an Uninstall link in the Adobe folder you have caused yourself more problems. You need to re-install Adobe Reader and uninstall it properly, the install process registers files with Windows that you may not see or know about.

  brundle 23:56 07 Jun 2007

Try an excellent alternative as suggested by Pesala ; click here

  Munchkin 06:48 08 Jun 2007

Is there any way of finding any files hidden deep within Windows which might solve my problem, or is that only the domain of a very experienced computer boffin who knows exactly what he is doing?

  brundle 17:48 08 Jun 2007

Install the Adobe reader in safe mode (may not work if the adobe setup program requires the Windows Installer service running), disable Adobe add-ons in Internet Explorer and reboot, couple of things to try (one of your undeleteable files was being used by Internet Explorer).
Delete all mention of Adobe Acrobat/Reader from the registry..potential for rendering your system unusable if you accidentally delete something important though. You will also find Adobe folders littered amongst your Documents And Settings folder(s), hidden by Windows usually (unless you found and deleted those already).

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