Adobe Reader does'nt always work

  Creditman 11:38 29 Mar 2004

This a.m I tried to down-load 3 PDF files using Adobe Reader 6 on Windows XP. One worked fine but the others failed, giving me a blank screen which froze & then I got the usual MS message about program not responding etc. Any ideas what might cause this ? Thanks

  V1PER 11:50 29 Mar 2004

if you managed to open one of the files then it may suggest that the other twp pdf files are corrupt and causeing problems with acrobat reader opening, so try redownloading the pdf files or maybe a reinstall of acrobat reader could help.

  JerryJay 12:14 29 Mar 2004

follow V1PER's advice

  Sir Radfordin 13:04 29 Mar 2004

I'm tempted to say that Acrobat Reader is one of the most flakey plugins for IE that I've got but know it could just be me.

My solution to the problem would be to right click/save as on the PDFs and then try and open them external to your web browser.

  Creditman 17:26 29 Mar 2004

Thanks Viper & others. I reinstalled it & it worked - but I did exactly this a couple of weeks ago & it did work until today. Next time I will try to open outside the net.

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