adobe reader 8.1.1 update now out

  sunny staines 08:07 23 Oct 2007
  rawprawn 08:25 23 Oct 2007

Good morning sunny staines, and thank you.

  Stuartli 08:27 23 Oct 2007

Ta much so!

Ironically the Update feature in Adobe Reader indicates no updates available...

  rdave13 08:39 23 Oct 2007

Thank you.

  sunny staines 13:47 23 Oct 2007

it does not overwrite the prev version, this needs to be deleted via control panel add/remove option either before or afterwards.

  Stuartli 14:00 23 Oct 2007

It must have overwritten mine...:-)

In fact, because of your comment, I fully Uninstalled Adobe Reader and reinstalled 8.1.1

The Add/Remove Programs size is still 128MB.

  rawprawn 14:30 23 Oct 2007

I installed the update on top of the old one with no problems,and the old version does not show in Add or remove programs.

  sunny staines 15:12 23 Oct 2007

perhaps just mine that left two entries in add/remove, i,m doing another pc this evening i see how that one goes,thanks for feedback.

  kdt 15:35 23 Oct 2007

windows installer removed the 8.1 & installed 8.1.1 total 86.41mb from adobe site

  kdt 15:39 23 Oct 2007

forgot to mention 8.1.1 would not install rather open since had expertpdf from pca disc installed on 8.1 so had to remove both to get 8.1.1

  rdave13 15:43 23 Oct 2007

I checked for updates via Adobe and updated there.

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