Adobe reader 7

  BIGXXH 10:30 06 Mar 2007

How do i uninstall adobe reader from my computer i have gone into uninstall but when i click on the remove button it says that it cannot open the file and to go to vendor for advice to see if it's a windows patch.Then it will not uninstall i have tried to download the latest version but it wont let me because of the problem with the one that's already on my machine the problem that i get with the one that's on my machine is that it will not open and keeps freezing the machine when i want to read something that needs that program i/e a PDF document

  terryf 10:42 06 Mar 2007

Try to download another copy of the file click here and do a re-install, it MAY ask if you want to repair, after this it will either work OK or you should be able to uninstall.

  BIGXXH 11:30 06 Mar 2007

Thanks for your reply (terryf)done what you said downloaded all from that site but it will not install adobe any other sugestions wold be very helpful also still can't uninstall from remove page (RUNNING WINDOWS XP HOME SP2)


  terryf 11:39 06 Mar 2007

reboot in safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly while you are booting and see what you can do then. Try Add/remove, re-install. look in Adobe reader program folder for a file called uninstall??

  BIGXXH 13:54 06 Mar 2007

Thanks again for your reply but still can't do nothing with it can't remove it and can't install over it so i am stuck with a program that will not work and i can't get shot of it it's still stuck in add and remove,is there any program out that will help me remove it.

Thanks Again BIGXXH

  alB 16:43 06 Mar 2007

CCleaner may do it for you ...alB

click here

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:56 06 Mar 2007

This may help
click here;en-us;290301

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:57 06 Mar 2007

dud link

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:59 06 Mar 2007

click here;en-us;290301

  Ho-Lin-Sok 22:01 06 Mar 2007

Had to write it in as the link changes, you need to change hppt to http of course

  Ho-Lin-Sok 22:06 06 Mar 2007

First you need to go to Microsoft Support and download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility AKA MSIcuu2.exe Here is the link: hppt://;en-us;290301. Save it to your desktop and get out of the program.

I have XP, so I went to Start, then Search and looked for MSICuu2.exe. When the icon shows up, run the program. After its done its thing, you will get a list of files. Click on Adobe and it will remove it. Then go back into and install 8.0

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