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  KJ823 13:30 07 Nov 2004

Hi all

I have opened a .pdf file and used the option "print to file" to save the image on my hard drive. It creates a file without a file extension and I then seem unable to open it using any program.

Is there a way to save an Adobe image on to the hard drive so it can then be opened in Adobe or some other software?


  VoG II 13:34 07 Nov 2004

File/Save a Copy

  KJ823 13:39 07 Nov 2004

The pdf file I have contains about 300 pages and all I want to do is save one of the pages but file/save a copy copies all 300 pages.


  VoG II 13:50 07 Nov 2004

Are you using the free Adobe Reader or the full Adobe Acrobat program?

  KJ823 15:18 07 Nov 2004

I am using the free reader, version 6

  bretsky 16:01 07 Nov 2004

I don't know whether this will be of any use click here

I have just sent a doc I created using pdf995 and was told the recipients reader{6} could not open the file due to unrecognised fonts used???
Not unless my recipient needs to get updates to his reader. to experiment me thinks!

bretsky ;0)

  JIM 16:11 07 Nov 2004

Select the Adobe reader Snapshot tool and use the tool to select the area or page you require. Snapshot will then put it into the Clip board.You could then paste it into WORD etc.

Or for poss better use/quality wise i select the ClipBook Viewer from the Adobe Reader window tab,then select clip.viewer and then save it as NT ClipBoard file for later use clip board viewer. I am using winxp.

  KJ823 16:19 07 Nov 2004

Thanks for that Jim, most helpful.


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