Adobe previous versions

  geedad 08:01 26 Jun 2007

Is it OK to uninstall previous versions of Adobe Reader?
I have 4, 7.07,8, and currently 8.1.0 showing in my "Add Remove Programs" and if I can uninstall without problems, this would save some space.

  The Kestrel 08:15 26 Jun 2007

Yes, you can uninstall the previous versions without affecting the latest version. Have you considered using Foxit? click here This program does all the things Adobe Reader does, but takes up much less space on your hard drive.

  Terry Brown 08:45 26 Jun 2007

If you have upgrade versions of Adobe reader, simply uninstall them all and reload the latest vesion.

  geedad 10:05 26 Jun 2007

The Kestrel
Terry Brown
Thanks, both! Excellent responses!

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