Adobe Premiere Problem

  Elrond 15:14 30 Apr 2003

Hi, I have just downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere 6. It all installed fine, but when I on loading up it came up with an error.

instruction at 0x11ed116e referenced memory at 0xe940fff could notr be read.

The error box title was:

Font Capture: Premiere.exe.

The program wont open up. Any ideas. Thanks for your time.

  Elrond 15:15 30 Apr 2003

I would have contacted Adobe but they dont support the trial versions.

  Elrond 17:41 30 Apr 2003

No takers? :(

  Mysticnas 18:00 30 Apr 2003

is this a memory problem?

i've been running premiere for donkeys right from 5 to 6.5

never come across that problem.

Just email them and tell them! no harm can come of it! tell them your trial ain't working, so how you supposed to try it???

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