Adobe Premiere Footage To DVD.........

  Ardon 13:21 11 Mar 2004

I have an important and large movie that I want to burn at max quality to dvd. I am using nero 6 and have explored Premieres menus, and can only transfer video back to digi tape.....Do I need further software????

I hope someone can help because I'm baffled!!!

  scotty 13:37 11 Mar 2004

I guess you imported your video to your pc using Premiere? This is probably stored initially as an avi file. To export to DVD, you need to render this file. Premiere will have an option for this. This action should create a directory called video_TS on your hard drive. This directory contains files with the extension vob. You should then be able to use Premiere or Nero to create a DVD using the video_TS directory and the files therein.

If I have mis-understood the problem, please provide more details.

  Ardon 18:46 11 Mar 2004

I'm pretty sure that what you have said rings true.....

To get hollywood f/x clips to work I had to convert from MSdv avi to MSavi. I think that I will have to do this for the whole movie, which is 1hr 15 long, and then it will play in media players. But, to render 8 seconds of (effect) footage this way took an hour.
I will play about and see what happens...

Many Thanks!!!!!

  Smiler 19:17 11 Mar 2004

It takes a very long time to render dv files to dvd quality.
I use Adobe Studio 8 and to render 1 hour of dv (About 12GB of files) and then burn to dvd took over seven hours. There's a lot of calculation takes place when rendering as each frame has to be compressed (25frames per second) and stored before the vob files can be sorted and stored then burned to disc. Be patient it's worth it when you see the results.

  Ardon 22:02 12 Mar 2004

Ive managed to get a clip onto dvd after conversion to MS avi.........

THX for the help!


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