Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

  Chas49 19:40 16 Dec 2010

I have used this program using both Vista and now Win7. Previously I had Version 5 of the program. I tried the version 9 trial version and actually removed version 6 - big mistake for I decided later that I didn't prefer version 9.

Now, when I come to re install the version 6 I get so far before it asks for Disk 1 - Disk one is a folder on the same disk. I cannot get any further that this dialog box.

I have used Adobe Chat and the rep there finished up by telling me that, as an old program, it would not run under Win7. Strange that it had installed previously and did work OK. At this moment, I am using an even older version -ie: 5 and this works OK - the rep. was I believe a bit miffed by this and suggested that I try again - he suggested that I update to ver. 9 - oh yeah!

Anyone experienced this problem and found a solution?

  I am Spartacus 20:37 16 Dec 2010

Perhaps try copying the contents of the CD to a folder on the hard drive and try installing it from there. If that doesn't work maybe move the files/sub folders from the Disk 1 folder into the main program folder?

  Chas49 21:36 16 Dec 2010

I'll give that a try and the let you know. Thanks

  Chas49 21:36 16 Dec 2010

the? then!

  Chas49 22:03 16 Dec 2010

The problem is more complicated than I thought! I tried, once again, to install using the disk. The notice that comes up part way through installing us actually worded "Please install Disk: 1" as there is no other disk then it can only mean itself! But it is already in there!! Although Adobe's man said that it doesn't run in Win7 I just cannot fathom out why it did install and work before I idiotically deleted it! Frankly, it's not worth the bother - for once in my life I just have to admit defeat

  skeletal 22:16 16 Dec 2010

Have you tried removing EVERYTHING associated with Elements? Every folder, every setting and ultimately trawling the registry and deleting all references (all the usual warnings about registry editing apply).

Sometimes programs leave stuff behind after so-called uninstalling. When installing other versions, it picks up the remnants and can screw up. Usually, but not always, a more recent version can cope with an older version, but going from new to old can cause problems.


  eedcam 09:32 17 Dec 2010

Try using the products own user forum
click here

  Chas49 12:09 18 Dec 2010

skeletal: I did use Revo to uninstall and WINASO too. But to no avail from the disk. Thanks for your input.

eedcam: Thanks for the link.

I eventually solved the problem by adopting "I am Spartacus"'s idea. Created a folder on the hard drive, copied the files across from the CD, ran Setup and, to my surprise and relief the program loaded with no problems! Clearly the Adobe rep was just trying to promote the latest version. Thanks "I am Spartacus"

  alan2273 13:21 18 Dec 2010

The Adobe rep was talking rubbish, I have Photo Elements 1 running on two windows 7 computers.
The one has been used since 98SE and the other one was purchased for a £1 to put on a netbook running W7 HP.

  Chas49 23:37 18 Dec 2010


He sure was! It would appear that a/ he wasn't as bright as Spartacus or simply that he was there to promote Version 9.

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