Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 Help Please!?

  Si_L 13:14 12 Oct 2007

Using the above program, how do fade out the border of a picture?

Ta :)

  eedcam 13:24 12 Oct 2007

click here
Have a look on the users forum maybe under Faq's or post your own

  ventanas 14:11 12 Oct 2007

Usually you would use a mask, but I don't think they're available in Elements. One of the reasons it will never be up to the capability of Paint Shop Pro.

Best to use the forum as suggested as I cannot think of any other easy way.

  Si_L 14:23 12 Oct 2007

Ok, I have found something: it said use the Elliptical Marquee tool, but I can't find it. Apparently it is in the Editor :-I

  ventanas 14:30 12 Oct 2007

Look in the Selection tool on the left hand side. If the rectabgular marquee is showing click on it to show the flyout, and the elliptical version will show up. But I don't really see how you can do what you want with this tool. You could create a vignette quite easily, but how to get it to fade???????

  Si_L 14:52 12 Oct 2007

How do I make the photo into a vignette?

  ventanas 14:54 12 Oct 2007

Use the elliptical selection tool to make a selection around the image. It may be easier to start from the centre out. When satisfied use another color, gradient, or whatever to fill the selection.

I would practice on a not so important image until you have grasped the technique.

  ventanas 14:59 12 Oct 2007

OK, just tired it in Photoshop. It's easier to start at one corner and drag the selection to the opposite corner that is, top left to bottom right. When satisfied with its size, choose Inverse from the Select menu. This will give you a selection in the shap of a vignette. You just need to choose a suitable fill. Use the Paint Bucket tool for this.

  ventanas 14:59 12 Oct 2007

tried not tired. Its Friday afternoon.

  Si_L 15:08 12 Oct 2007

Ok, I have managed to invert the part of the picture (the bit I want to fade into white), what fill do I need?

Also, when I have selected a fill, it keeps the picture parts blue, how do I get it to finish.

I hope you understand that! Thanks for your help so far ventanas :)

  ventanas 15:16 12 Oct 2007

I'm not really that familiar with Elements, but from memory, if you choose the Paintbucket tool, then on the tool options bar you can choose either a foreground colour or pattern from the Fill option. Or choose a Gradient (you can make your own) with the Gradient tool, which I think is below the Paintbucket.

You can probably define the tolerance of the fill from the options palette, If this it what you mean by keeping parts blue. Also you do need to make sure that the area you have selected is what you want to fill.

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