Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

  LANDCRUISER 11:47 15 Jan 2006

Hi,can any one help,i loaded photoshop elements 4 to pc but every time i try to open the program the pc locks up,i tried reloading program but still the same,no spyware or viruses on pc so i am a bit stuck as to what is going on.

  LANDCRUISER 16:14 15 Jan 2006

thanks for your reply,yes its original bought on friday at pc world & have plenty ram 1.5gig,any other ideas please

  LANDCRUISER 12:51 16 Jan 2006

Where are the experts has this caught you out

  hssutton 13:45 16 Jan 2006

I use PS CS sao have no idea what your problem may be. So first port of call should be Adobe, for starters visit click here.
Failing that log into the Element 4 forum. I guess someone must have experienced a similar problem

  LANDCRUISER 23:02 16 Jan 2006

Hi hssutton,thanks for you input will try adobe,could it be some thing eles as pc was playing up a bit prior loading adobe i tried loading picasa 2 & when i tried to input pictures same thing happened lock up,& also when i tried to open quick time & found that it locked up,so is there anyone with more ideas, ta

  hssutton 00:17 17 Jan 2006

If you use the link I provided you will see that the major cause of this problem, is due to problems on the PC. they list the procedures to solve your problem. Hopefully.

  LANDCRUISER 23:29 17 Jan 2006

Hi skyver,quicktime i never use & quite frankly i think its for music & picasa froze when inporting photos,not tried it in safe mode yet,could it be that with 1800 photos that the amount is to great.

  LANDCRUISER 00:32 18 Jan 2006

hi again,skyver,yes using as you say XP home edition service pack 2 & updates there most be a problem with pc for all of these things not to work & not the software

  LANDCRUISER 00:59 18 Jan 2006

yes there are a few none refering to this problem, will try safe mode later, going to bed now

  LANDCRUISER 15:39 18 Jan 2006

Any one have any input as i still cannot load my photos up into adobe,must be a simple solution to this problem

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