Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2

  Holographic_man 11:06 03 Sep 2003

I am thinking of buying the above, any or you know if it has a decent photo storeing like Adobe PhotoAlbum or maybe it is part of the program, or will I need to buy PhotoAlbum to store all my images in. Thanks

  Joe McG 11:22 03 Sep 2003

i don't think elements has a photo album, but there are two or three very good free ones , you can download online.

click here

click here

click here

Hope this is of use to you.

  alcudia 11:31 03 Sep 2003

I would think again. My personal opinion is that Elements is a waste of space. PaintShop Pro is far better, and also has a companion Album program.

  hssutton 12:26 03 Sep 2003

Elements does not have a photo album included so you would need Album total cost £96, PSP8 + Album £ £103. Not sure what alcudia has got against Elements but it is a very good program and is also a stepping stone towards the ultimate in imaging software, Photoshop7. However if you are interested in PSP8 + Album, both new, but PSP8 has been opened. email me.


  -pops- 12:35 03 Sep 2003

I would go for PSP - take up hssutton's offer, if it's a good price!!

  alcudia 12:35 03 Sep 2003

Used PSP for years, and Photoshop. Tried a demo of Elements recently as curious. Didn't like it at all. Too many features missing that are taken for granted with PSP.

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