Adobe Photoshop CS to Microsoft Publisher

  ExPara 20:27 30 Dec 2004

I am trying to introduce a file from Photoshop to Publisher with a transparent background. I have tried using various file extensions eg: .jpeg .png .pict .tiff and .eps. When introduced, it is flattened, the background is white, not transparent. I have consulted Adobe help page and printed off what I thought was the remedy. I used the clipping path as suggested, the end product was the same, a white background. I even printed a sample as suggested on the help page which says, " even though on the screen you may have a white background, it may be transparent when printed out". I think that I have followed the suggested fix to the letter so what's the answer? I would appreciate some help please.

  Eric10 20:59 30 Dec 2004

Concentrate on GIF89a and PNG as these are the only two formats that currently support transparency.

  ExPara 15:54 31 Dec 2004

Eric10: Thanks for your reply. I have managed limited sucess using .GIF When using a line drawing, in places, the new background shows through. Is there a way of making the object less transparent? The opacity is set at 100%.

  Eric10 19:44 31 Dec 2004

I don't use Photoshop so can't give you any specific help with that. I normally use Paint Shop Pro 8 to produce images with transparent backgrounds. With that program you 'Export' the picture rather than 'Saving' it then choose the GIF or PNG Optimiser and make the appropriate settings in the dialogue box. It's best to make the background a solid colour then choose that as the colour to make transparent.

  ExPara 21:36 31 Dec 2004

Thanks for your help Eric10. I will keep trying. I have an old version of Paintshop Pro 7. I may try using that.

  ExPara 12:07 02 Jan 2005

Eric10, Thanks, all's well, problem solved.

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