Adobe photoshop album

  Yeldarb 19:58 22 Oct 2005

My card reader defaults to ad. photoshop album now. I don't know why ; it used to go to "my pictures"
Once in Phot. Album, there does not seem to be any means of saving to CD
Any ideas ?

  Diemmess 12:46 23 Oct 2005

Unfamiliar with A.P.Album, but when you see the files listed on your screen don't you have an option to 'Browse' before 'Save'ing ?

If so, click on the Browse button, find your way to My Pictures, highlight that and Save.

Most of this type of software remembers "What happened last time".

Similarly it should be possible with 'My Computer' -to find Photoshop Album and drag the wanted files either to My Pictures or direct to the CD you are going to burn. In addition to 'drag and drop' you can 'copy and paste', or 'cut and paste'.

  Kev.Ifty 20:04 24 Oct 2005

Plug in the memory card (close any windows that open). Go to MY COMPUTER. Right Click on the Removable Drive and select AUTOPLAY.

The new window that opens should look a bit like this click here You can now choose ,and save your choice of 'opening' program.


  Yeldarb 10:38 28 Oct 2005

Thank you Diemmass and Kev You have given me a new lease of life ! This works A1
But just one further question. Once images are in Adobe Photoshop Starter, how do I transfer to My pictures and CD ?
I KNOW you will have the answer !!!

  Kev.Ifty 21:30 28 Oct 2005

I'm not familiar with that program. It might be worth 'searching' for pictures on your Hard Drive.

Or maybe as Diemmess says try, My Computer/Program Files look for that Program, Adobe photoshop album . See if there is a folder which you could Cut n Paste.

Good luck Kev.

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