Adobe Photo Shop Elements 2

  bpzoom 22:15 02 Oct 2003

Following a hard drive failure, I have rebuilt most of the softwareon a new drive.A few programmes were not restorable because I had lost the source disks. One was my image editing programme. A friend who has two such programmes kindly made me a present of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2. Although he is on Windows ME, the documentation seems to indicate it is XP compatable.I have XPHome with Service Pack 1. I Installed Adobe and tested it and all seemed OK. Until when the desktop appeared after the next boot up, after a few seconds, nearly all the colour disappeared, just a few icons were "normal" colour. I tried all sorts, including deletion of the CTX monitor driver and rebooting. This worked only for one session, the process having to be repeated each boot up to restore the colour display. The last and final ruse succeeded, I uninstalled Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, and the problem disappeared. The colour has returned and has remained. Can anyone advise on this programme and its compatability with XP Home please?

  leo49 22:24 02 Oct 2003

Could it be something to do with Adobe Gamma Calibration?This is loaded with the Full Photoshop so it could be relevant. Don't know about compatibility though.

  Djohn 01:42 03 Oct 2003

I have adobe Photoshop Elements on my system with XP Pro and it works fine. Just says "Elements" though. No version or number at the end.

  alcudia 08:33 03 Oct 2003

Perfectly compatible, although I hate it. There is no reason at all why it should have done this, although from what you say it does seem to be the cause.

You will have an start up link to Adobe Gamma, which is not really needed. Try reinstalling and then removing this. Leo49 may have hit on the reason.

  bpzoom 10:19 03 Oct 2003

Thank you all for your responses. I will try the removal of Adobe Gamma and see what happens.At least I now know the programme is compatible, as it says it is.

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