Adobe PDF File wont open in IE

  OK Computer 16:13 14 Jul 2004

I was wondering if anyone could help. There is a website that I use which has a link to a Adobe PDF file.

When I right click the file, and choose Save As Target, I can download the file and view it from there on. However I used to be able to simply follow the link and have the pdf document open via Adobe Acrobat Reader in Internet Explorer.

However recently, the IE window simply goes blank with no activity at all, and nothing opens. I have tried re-installing IE (even upgrading to IE6) and tried upgrading to Adobe Acrobat 6 but had no joy. Does anyone have any ideas??????

Thanks in advance

  BurrWalnut 16:29 14 Jul 2004

I think it's an option in Acrobat, Edit, Preferences, Options.

  Pesala 17:11 14 Jul 2004

Display PDF in Browser

  GaT7 17:24 14 Jul 2004

It seems like Adobe Reader has gotten corrupted because you say that you used to be able to do it but now you can't. But I may be wrong.

If the suggestions so far don't work you may have to uninstall & reinstall the Reader. Most PC-mag cover discs have it, or d'load it from click here.

  GaT7 17:26 14 Jul 2004

Sorry, to make myself clear...instead of the upgrade have you tried an uninstall & fresh reinstall of the Reader?

  bretsky 01:55 15 Jul 2004

I had the Same problem, did a search in this forum and this is just one of the threads, look at the last entry (wak) click here

Uninstalled 6 and then reinstalled 6 from this months a treat on and off line!

bretsky ;0)

  OK Computer 08:08 15 Jul 2004

I will try re-installing Adobe again but to be honest Adobe 6 wasnt an upgrade, it was a fresh installation and I had to uninstall adobe 5 afterwards....I will let you know how I get on

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