Adobe keeps on asking!!!

  Housten 19:59 23 Sep 2011

Good evening,

I had a problem with my broker's web site - still do - but I was advised to download Adobe's latest flash player - which I thought I already had!

I downloaded and installed it and I am having a weird problem now. It keeps appearing - and by that I mean I counted 51 times to open my email account and get to my emails - but it happens only when I am on the internet and at virtually every time I have to click on the mouse. It is stating that a programme wishes to open; what programme I don't know and it doesn't matter whether I say 'Allow' or not!

I can think of two alternate actions; one is to keep on with the clicking and the other is to try and install it again. If anyone can say which is the better OR has another idea I would be very grateful. I must also say that for other reasons entirely I will be doing a 'Restore' soon so it isn't that urgent - just very annoying!

Many thanks in advance for any help.

  northumbria61 20:42 23 Sep 2011

"But I was advised to download Adobe's latest flash player - which I thought I already had!"
You could confirm this by looking in your Programs & Features via Control Panel. Uninstall it - reboot - Install.

  northumbria61 20:44 23 Sep 2011

Latest version here enter link description here

  rdave13 20:58 23 Sep 2011

Be careful with Adobe's flash player, at the moment, if you use a 64 bit browser. Latest version in RC is 11 and will soon be a final update to that version.

  Housten 11:49 24 Sep 2011

northumbria61 and rdave13

Good morning, gentlemen.

Many thanks for your help and advice. I just need to do something then I will I will follow your advice.

As I said many thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply.

  Housten 12:35 25 Sep 2011

Good morning,


I followed your instruction and used RevoUninstaller to get rid of the flash player, and then re-installed it. Initially I was very happy that it seemed to have worked, but how wrong can I be - it was still doing it. But now I am in an even worse position! I decided that I would do without it until I had done the 'Restore', but the programme will not give up! It may be my fault so I am now going to shut down and re-start as after I had got RevoUninstaller to get rid of it - again - I just re-started my computer and it is still doing it!! I ha thought 'Adobe' were a reasonable and responsible outfit, bit I am now having my doubts! It may be just my computer or it may not, all I know is that it is intensely annoying.

  Housten 10:55 06 Oct 2011

Good morning,

Just to bring you up to date, things are now weird!! On Monday/Tuesday I spent some time editing and tidying things - and making a note of what I had done, unusual for me! - and when I started my computer yesterday the rubbish that adobe foist on me had vanished! Yesterday was wonderful!! Whenever I clicked on anything the box did not appear so I could just carry on as if nothing was going on! It was really terrific!!!!! And now? the b* is back! I am almost ready to do the 'Restore' and after yesterday I thought that with the long boot up that I should really consider if it is worth the hassle! Yesterday I was beginning to think it may not be necessary, but now it most definitely is!!

  lotvic 11:47 06 Oct 2011

Tell it not to ask?

Have you tried setting it to 'Never check for Updates'

You can always do manual updates when you want to.

Not sure where it is in W7 but in XP it is Control Panel | Flash Player | and in Settings Manager the Advanced tab.

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