Adobe intersecting lines in corner of pages

  compumac 22:29 30 Oct 2013

I have just downloaded a manual in PDF format and wish to print it out. I have not had a problem before doing this, but this time the screen pages show intersecting lines towards each corner with circles midway between them. I take these to be some form of marking out the page for trimming or similar.

I wish to print out without those marks appearing in the printed output.

Any suggestions?

  compumac 08:03 31 Oct 2013


  Peter 10:23 31 Oct 2013


Perhaps you could increase the page magnification, when printing, to push the cross hair lines off the edges of the page. You will probably need to centre the page vertically and horizontally when printing so that you don't loose the text of the edge of the page.


  Woolwell 11:11 31 Oct 2013

I suspect that this is down to how the manual was converted to pdf. These sound like pre-press marks which should be outside of the print area. I'm not sure how you can remove them at this stage. Try printing one page and see if it actually prints.

  compumac 14:12 31 Oct 2013


I have printed just a few pages that I initially needed and the hairlines are displayed.


Increase page magnification??

  Woolwell 15:16 31 Oct 2013

I'm sorry but I think that you are stuck with them. It is almost certainly down to the way that the pdf file was created.

  Peter 22:01 31 Oct 2013


"Increase page magnification??"

I'm not sure which programme you are using to view and print your PDF file, but I use Foxit PDF Reader. When I want to print the PDF I click the Printer icon and the Print dialog screen is shown. In the Print Handling section, if you select Custom Scale as the Scaling Type, the Page Zoom will be available. You will need to use a Page Zoom of about 102% to 105% to push the lines, you don't want to print, off the edge of the page in the preview. Select Auto-Centre to clip the lines without any text being cut off.

I hope this helps, Peter.

  compumac 22:30 31 Oct 2013


About 30 minutes ago I printed the full 148 page manual with the hairlines showing. I then came back to the forum and saw your suggestion.

Bingo! I printed the first page as you suggested and it worked!

Thanks very much for that I had not heard of Foxit before.

I shall now, or rather tomorrow, reprint the whole manual following your answer.

  Peter 22:32 31 Oct 2013


Sorry I didn't reply a little bit earlier. I was fending off the Trick or Treaters!


  compumac 22:37 31 Oct 2013


Do not apologise. It was much appreciated.

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