Adobe InDesign paragraph style problem...

  [DELETED] 09:32 19 Nov 2003

I am artworking for magazines using Adobe InDesign. I want to set up a paragraph style for the opening paragraph of feature stories with a sans serif font drop cap and a serif font body copy. I can set up the drop cap no problem but I cannot find a way to code for a font change in the paragraph style sheet. If I set up some copy in the style I want and then use it to define a new paragraph style, InDesign simply forgets the font change after the drop cap so that when the style is applied, the body copy runs out in the same font as the drop cap.

I can, of course, do it using separate character and paragraph styles but it is such common practice in magazine design to use different fonts for drop caps and body copy I can't believe Adobe would overlook a way for coding for this in paragraph styles. Anyone know how to do this?

  [DELETED] 09:55 19 Nov 2003

that this cannot be done in Serif Page Plus either, though WordPerfect can manage just fine. I suspect that you will have to set up a separate character style to apply to the Drop Cap.

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