Adobe flash on Samsung tablet

  DAKAR 18:10 03 Nov 2013

Hi all Can anybody tell me please is it possible to install Adobe flash player on a samsung galaxy note 10.1 If so where can it be sourced from. Kind regards Dakar

  chub_tor 19:11 03 Nov 2013

You can still get Flash for Android even though it is not available from the Play Store. Go this site and it will explain how to get it and install it it does not work on Chrome or Dolphin browsers but it does work with the standard Android browser supplied as default.

  rdave13 19:52 03 Nov 2013

For Android 4.2 and up click here.

  chub_tor 20:37 03 Nov 2013

I stand corrected regarding Dolphin. Version 8.5.1 does handle flash and can be found via Google. However make sure that updates are not set to automatic or you will find yourself with later versions that cannot handle flash.

  rdave13 20:43 03 Nov 2013

Firefox is the best I think.

  DAKAR 22:30 03 Nov 2013

Thanks very much chub_tor and rdave13 That is a great help,just a quick question on the above post,My other half has just bought this samsung galaxy 10.1 and she wanted to watch the solar eclipse this afternoon but had a message pop up saying that the device didn't support adobe flash and she would have to view it on a pc,she can get you tube is adobe flash player good to have or necessary? Regards Dakar

  chub_tor 11:30 04 Nov 2013

At the present time I think Flash is worth having although it is slowly being phased out. I also have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (although I have the faster Note version) and have found that on a number of websites you need Flash to get the best of what is being illustrated. Your wife's device does support Flash despite what the notice says and if you follow the links on the website I gave you can download it and install it. After it is installed you should find that the stock browser will now show all the flash objects (at least mine does and as I also said Dolphin 8.5.1 does too; for me this is my preferred browser as it handles favourites so much better. Later versions of Dolphin do not support Flash, nor does the latest Chrome but I am not sure about Firefox. Maybe rdave13 can confirm if Flash is supported by Firefox for Android.

  rdave13 11:54 04 Nov 2013

I followed this to enable Flash on a Nexus 7 tablet with Ff android. This click here, might also help?

  DAKAR 15:08 04 Nov 2013

chub_tor and rdave13 Thankyou very much for the very precise information,I am really pleased there are guys like you about. Thanks again Regards Dakar

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