Adobe Flash Player Update Service11.3r300 has encountered a ..........

  Diemmess 19:54 14 Jul 2012

This error has mainly interrupted internet two or three times in the last 24hrs and doesn't seem to have any effect on my work at the time, though I will have used conversions of various files into pdf form.

I dimly recall having a slow and troubled update to Adobe Flash Player some days ago.

What is the best way to clear this problem? My OS is XP and running sweetly otherwise.

  rdave13 20:02 14 Jul 2012

Have a look here. My version is 11,3,300,265 installed. Why they use such numbers is beyond me.

Best to dot the button to notify before download of a new update of flash instead of allowing it to install and update automatically.

  Sea Urchin 20:09 14 Jul 2012

Adobe have a problem at the moment with this latest update

As per rdave13's post this is a workaround until they fix it

1.Open the Flash Player (32-bit) control panel in your Windows control panels

2.Select the Advanced tab

3.Click the “Change Update Settings” button and click yes to the Windows confirmation prompt

4.Select “Notify me to install updates”

5.Close the control panel

  Diemmess 20:58 14 Jul 2012

Thank you both.

The version on my computer is the same as yours and at the link he gave me.

Have changed to Notify me etc. I thought I had that setting anyway but it seems not.

Will leave it for a couple of days before the green tick just in case it is being particularly silly.

  rdave13 21:36 14 Jul 2012

Diemmess you will need to tick that button every time Flash updates pop-ups show.

  Sea Urchin 22:17 14 Jul 2012

Not too much of a problem - only about once a month, and hopefully the next update might fix the problem

  BT 08:51 15 Jul 2012

I've been getting this several times a day on my XP desktop PC but not on my Win 7 laptop, for well over a week now.

  Arnie 10:31 15 Jul 2012

Adobe update - XP

Same problem. I have stopped the auto update and set it to "Notify me to install updates".

Thanks all.

Haven't used the site for a while. I'm surprised how much it has changed but I like it!


  Diemmess 12:01 16 Jul 2012

Thanks everyone.

All seems clear now. The removal of the tick in effect makes it a manual upgrade.

My respected XP is already becoming 'old hat.' This shows when using Control Panel which has different tabbing from W7 it seems, but the facility is there even though the path is different in detail!

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