Adobe flash player problems

  Scubaman 22:12 23 Apr 2012

I am trying to play a video from my ISP home page and keep getting the message: Your system status We're sorry You need to update your flash player. I have downloaded the update but still get the same message. I have tried uninstalling all adobe programs and restarting then reinstalling adobe programs, but alas, still get the same message. Any ideas?

  northumbria61 22:37 23 Apr 2012

Try downloading the Uninstall for Adobe Flash to completely remove it before installing the latest version enter link description here

  Scubaman 23:29 23 Apr 2012

Thanks for that but it didn't fix it. It is still the same.

  onthelimit1 08:45 24 Apr 2012

Try watching on Chrome instead of IE. Chrome (I'm told) updates itself automatically.

  birdface 08:48 24 Apr 2012

If using I/E go to View then Zoom set it to 100% reboot and see if it makes any difference.

If not leave it at 100% and try and download the latest version to your computer without running it.Use the uninstaller to remove the old version and reboot your computer to safe mode and then Install the new version that you have downloaded to your computer.

I had the same problem last year and it took me about 3 weeks to get it may be something to do with active X.

All programs have to be closed when downloading it as there are many different programs that use Flash and it will not download properly if any of those are open.

  birdface 08:56 24 Apr 2012

My old post from last year,maybe something in there that might help.

  Scubaman 21:21 24 Apr 2012

Tried everything but still no joy with IE. Dowloaded firefox and yep, all works ok now. I will stick with firefox until I have more time to mess around. Thanks all.

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