Adobe flash player fo windows 7 64bit

  tes 08:36 13 Apr 2010

When I try to run flash player it tells me to run the 32bit version & directs me to a download page but I am afraid I am still confused as what to do.Help please

  birdface 08:53 13 Apr 2010

Not sure if adobe flash player is available for the 64 bit version of W/7 or not.

  Eric10 09:46 13 Apr 2010

buteman is correct, there isn't a 64 bit flash player yet. If you are running Flash Player from within IE8 then you will need to run the 32 bit version of IE8. On my PC the IE Icon pinned to the taskbar launched the 64 bit version but both versions are available from the Start menu. Check from Help, About to see which version of IE8 you are running. I unpinned the 64 bit version from the taskbar and pinned the 32 bit version in its place then flash works ok.

  tes 07:13 14 Apr 2010

Thanks Eric but I don't seem to have a 32 bit version on my computer.Where can i get it from?

  carver 09:28 14 Apr 2010

Flash player for 64 bit click here

  carver 09:33 14 Apr 2010

Sorry hit wrong key, that's a prerelease version if you want to try it.

  Eric10 10:22 14 Apr 2010

Both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of IE8 were installed with Windows 7 64 bit on my PC.

The executable for IE8 32-bit is located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

The executable for IE8 64-bit is located at:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

Browse to the 'Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer' folder and create a shortcut to that version of iexplore.exe on your desktop.

  tes 07:21 17 Apr 2010

Sorry for being so thick Eric but i don't seem to have iexplore.exe I have just iexplore, is it the same thing?

  Eric10 11:10 17 Apr 2010

Yes, that will be the same. Your PC will just be set to hide file extensions as this is the default setting.

  tes 12:03 17 Apr 2010

Thanks for that Eric, Thanks also to carver

  Sbrads 16:07 17 Apr 2010

10.1 Flash isn't 64 bit. If you doubt me, look at the Adobe Flash forums, there's a lot of steam being vented over the lack of 64 bit Flash for Windows 7.

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