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  Guardsman2 17:14 09 Apr 2009

Hi all, back again. Many thanks to all those who helped with my friends Internet Explorer missing 'Address' box....solved.
He has one last problem that neither of us 'Silver Surfers' can crack....His OS is XP.
I have installed the BBCiPlayer for him (brilliant free program). It opens fine but when he selects any program to view it will not play and he gets the message that he needs Adobe Flash Player...when he clicks on the link to Adobe and downloads the Flash Player, all appears OK but then he gets a message to say that the download has failed due to Windows not allowing an Active X application installation. We have tried all the links from there to try to get his system to accept the Flash Player, but to no avail...your help will be much appreciate. Mike

  birdface 17:19 09 Apr 2009

When installing it do you not get a yellowish dropdown bar at the bottom of the toolbar that you have to click on and allow.

  birdface 17:26 09 Apr 2009

Maybe remove the old versions first using the removal tool.

click here

  birdface 17:33 09 Apr 2009

Not sure if this will open up right but it does tell you to click to install active x.make sure you untick the Google toolbar if it appears.

click here

  Guardsman2 18:08 11 Apr 2009

Many thanks for responses.
1) No drop down yellow bar at bottom of Toolbar. Have noticed that it display a message that you may need to do this but no yellow box.
2) Will look when I see him next to see if he has older versions, hope you are right, but doubt this is the answer.
3) We always refuse Google Toolbar. posting my response this way as I cannot find another way of answering individual postings...anyone point me in the right direction.

  brundle 18:14 11 Apr 2009

Install Flashplayer manually;

Download this version of Flash for Internet Explorer; click here
Download this one for Firefox (if installed); click here

Download the Flash Uninstaller; click here

Close all browsers and browser windows.

Run the Flash Uninstaller to get rid of previous versions.
Run the Flash Installer to install the latest one.

Reboot the PC.

  Guardsman2 19:01 15 Apr 2009

Regret...tried all suggestions so far and no luck I am afraid. Followed the links given by 'Brundle' and the associated instructions to the letter. Downloaded the Uninstaller and the Installer to my friends Desktop...ran the Uninstaller and tried to run the Installer...same message part way through the process...'Download Failed' Back to square one...anyone else out there who can help?...Don't know wether it helps but checking his installed programs to see that there was no Flash Player after the Uninstall and the only reference to Adobe is...a) Adobe Reader 7.0 and b) Adobe Shockwave Player 11. Many thanks for those who have tried to help hereto. Mike

  brundle 19:29 15 Apr 2009

More to try; click here

"same message part way through the process...'Download Failed' "

Where do you see this message? In a browser?

  Stuartli 19:38 15 Apr 2009

It could be a Security issue with IE. For instance:

" Windows will block the installation of an ActiveX control if your Internet Explorer security settings are at the default levels and the ActiveX control does not have a valid digital signature.

"A valid digital signature verifies the identity of the publisher (the company, website, or individual that is distributing the file), as well as the fact that the file has not been tampered with since it was signed.

"If the file has no valid digital signature, you cannot be certain that the file is actually from the source it claims to be from, or that it has not been tampered with.

"You should not open the file unless you trust the publisher and know that the contents are safe to open."

  rdave13 01:05 16 Apr 2009

Have a look here; click here

  Guardsman2 16:55 16 Apr 2009

Thanks for suggestions...Brundle, Stuartli and rdave13...will try them when I see my friend next week and come back then to let you know how I got on. Mike

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