Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX

  freaky 13:48 25 Oct 2010

I'm using Windows XP Home SP3.

According to My Computer Add/Remove programs I have the above version of Adobe. But when I do a search it cannot be found.

Anybody know why this is happening?

  birdface 13:59 25 Oct 2010

Try running this speed test if it works you know your flash program is working.

click here

or try your add ons and make sure it is enabled.

  961 14:03 25 Oct 2010

Adobe Flash tends to leave stuff lying around when you uninstall it

Also, because it tends to get hacked loads, regular updates appear, often weekly. When these run, bits of the old version often remain

If you download and run click here you may find fragments of an earlier edition of flash left in your files and registry

You can either manually uninstall these or use something like

click here


click here

  Jhessa Reid 18:56 25 Oct 2010

Your computer's security settings might be too effective and may be configured to prevent [B][URL=click here]Adobe Flash Player[/URL][/B] from running. Check your security settings and ensure that they are set to medium. This should enable the default, which allows Adobe Flash Player to run. When you adjust your security configurations by yourself, make sure that "plug-ins," "run ActiveX controls" and "download signed ActiveX controls" are set to "prompt."

  Sea Urchin 19:05 25 Oct 2010

That is normal - you cannot search for Flash Player - it's not a file or folder in the conventional sense, but an add-on to your browser. If it's listed in Add/Remove Programs then you have it installed (and you could remove it from there), and you can check it by clicking on this link - it will confirm the version you have running

click here

  freaky 19:28 25 Oct 2010

I have run the link supplied by Sea Urchin and get the following result:-

WIN 10,1,85,3
Debug Player NO.

It would appear it's installed OK ?

I also ran the broadband speed test which was:-

Download 9842 kbps
Upload 485 "

I raised this question because Virgin Media offered Flash Player, so before I clicked on the link I checked to see if I already had it installed.

As regards my security settings, I'm using Norton 2010.

Could I cause problems by clicking on the link given by Virgin ?

Also many thanks for all of your replies.

  Sea Urchin 20:03 25 Oct 2010

Yes it's certainly installed OK. Clicking on Virgin's link should actually cause any problems, but obviously you don't need to now :@)

  Sea Urchin 21:19 25 Oct 2010

Just re-read my last post - I meant to say

"Clicking on Virgin's link should NOT actually cause any problems"

  freaky 16:15 03 Nov 2010

I will close this topic as all is running OK.

Many thanks again for your replies.


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