Adobe Certified Associate status, worth doing?

  meagain_87 16:58 29 Jul 2010

I realise there are many questions from people here asking about how to get into web design. Well, here's another, but a fairly specific one.

I really want to develop the skills required to become a professional web designer, particularly front end design. I've no working experience, but have a BND in Software Development from college, which included a unit on html/css.

I'm torn between doing a Dreamweaver course from homelearningcollege that leads to ACA status, or instead to opt to go to Birkbeck UCL to do their Cert. Higher Education in Web Design Technologies.

My concern is that the Dreamweaver specific course is too narrow a topic to study, and from looking at job adverts for web designers, I've not yet seen that Dreamweaver skills alone are worth all that much to help me get into the industry.

The Birkbeck course covers a wider area, and includes a module on DW still. Is this perhaps a wiser choice? Any advice on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

  progcomputeach 12:34 30 Jul 2010

You may wish to do a distance learning course because you can work at the same time as studying the course. If you do decide to go the distance learning route check the latest version of the course that they offer. There some others you may wish to try. This company also offers web design courses:

IT Careers: click here

  progcomputeach 16:08 30 Jul 2010

I agree, its worth finding out what sorts of jobs you would like to do and see what sorts of certifications will then be needed.

Take a look at recruitment sites such as jobserve to see what jobs interest you. Then look at certifications. Start looking at adobe/the CIW site for web design, Microsoft if programming/web development/networking is your thing or maybe something else.

  meagain_87 19:13 30 Jul 2010

Yes I've done lots of job searching. The foundation for the type of web designer job I desire remains to be very good XHTML/CSS ability, and a solid portfolio to show design strength. Dreamweaver and Photoshop skills seem to be highly valued also, but I agree that competence with these packages can be gained without having to necessarily take an expensive course.

The most useful thing I've done is to contact a number of the major web design companies in London, and asked them directly for some advice, too. I've been given some very good and friendly advice from people who really should know, and of course are independent from the courses I've looked at.

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