Adobe Acrobat Reader DC won't open some .pdf files

  stlucia2 09:04 21 Jun 2017

I've been using Adobe Acrobat Reader for many years, and it regularly updates itself without any fuss. Very recently (last week I think) it updated to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and now I've just found that it can't read my .pdf utility bills.

I've tested it with other .pdf files, and it works okay, and I've tested it with older bills from my utility company, which the older version of Acrobat had opened okay, and it doesn't read them either.

I've notified the utility company that Acrobat no longer likes their .pdf files, but in the meantime, can someone recommend an alternative .pdf reader please -- or perhaps a source of the previous version of Acrobat?

  stlucia2 20:42 21 Jun 2017

I've been doing some Googling for older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and have just installed a version from the Adobe web site which is supposed to be the 2015 release, 2015/1500630033. But when I've installed and run it, it's the current Acrobat Reader DC version that doesn't read my utility bills .pdf files :-(

  polymath 21:49 21 Jun 2017

Have you tried Foxit Reader? I changed to it when Adobe Reader became too temperamantal for my setup, and found it much more obliging. click here

  lotvic 00:02 22 Jun 2017

You can d/load Foxit from the Downloads section of PCA Techadvisor click here or choose from the other readers available click here

  stlucia2 08:54 22 Jun 2017

I couldn't download Foxit from the PCA site (it reported 4-hours time) but I got it from polymath's link, and it's reading my bills okay.

Thank you guys.

  lotvic 18:29 22 Jun 2017

'PCA site' probably something to do with the servers changeover to 'TechAdvisor', anyway glad you got what you needed from polymath's link.

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