Adobe Acrobat pro 7.0 help splitting files

  cliff100 12:35 02 Mar 2009

Can someone help on the following :
I want to be able to split pdf's by size.
I have found loads of advice on splitting by page's etc. But I need to upload to a filesite where the max is 12meg. I would like to be able to do this as an automated excersise.
any advice, please dont say upgrade to 8.0 or 9.0 as it's a work PC and we do not have the funds to upgrade 8 PC's at present.

Thanks Cliff

  MAJ 14:52 02 Mar 2009

What use are they put to when uploaded to the 'filesite', will they need to be viewed or are they just for later download from the filesite? Is the maximum file size allowed to be stored on the filesite 12meg, or, is that the maximum upload size allowed?

  cliff100 21:37 02 Mar 2009

They are viewed and downloaded later on, it's the max upload size allowed.
This is why I need to split the files.


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