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  Handy Spinner 11:00 24 Dec 2003

I need to find a file format that will render documents "uneditable" so that they are protected from copying and re-sending under a different signature.

Adobe Acrobat's .pdf format seems to be one such program. However, it's expensive!!! Does anyone know of any other programs which make .pdf files as well, for a lower price tag? Failing that, does anyone know if there is a trial version of Acrobat I can test out?

  Pesala 11:09 24 Dec 2003

You can try Page Plus 9.0 on a 60-day money back guarantee. It produces high quality PDF files and one can add security passwords. click here It is also a highly capable DTP program that can produced decent websites.

However, if you need to make PDF files from Word Documents or Excel spreadsheets you will need a different program. PDF Factory is available as shareware. click here. The Pro version has docment security features. It works like a printer driver so can be used to make PDF files from any Windows program.

For the best quality PDF files, I would choose the first option, but it may mean some work cutting and pasting documents into Page Plus.

  Handy Spinner 11:23 24 Dec 2003

Pesala, is the difference very noticeable between the two programs you suggest? And how do they compare to Acrobat?

  Pesala 18:24 24 Dec 2003

Since you ticked your thread as resolved, have you given up your search or decided on one my suggestions?

It depends what you want to do with them. I have used PDF factory standard edition (£36) for some time. It produces compact PDF files for the web, which is what I used it for. No security protection, hotlinks, or bookmarks. The Pro edition does all that for £50 or so.

Page Plus is £99 (less if you haggle or upgrade from previous versions), but (unlike PDF Factory) it produces industry standard PDF files suitable for professional printers to use, and supports security, links, and bookmarks.

I have tried several free PDF products, but have so far always been disappointed with the results. This one claims to produce secure files and is a tiny download: click here

I can also produce decent PDF files from Corel Draw or WordPerfect.

Please reply in your thread and let us all know what worked for you.

  Handy Spinner 18:36 24 Dec 2003

Thanks for your reply, Pesala. I ticked resolved because I had decided on one of your suggestions -PDFFactory, the Pro edition as security is important.

PDF Factory seemed to be the simplest solution, as it invloves simply printing to a "printer". I have yet to see what quality it prints at when it is printed on a "real" printer.

Thanks for your help.

  Pesala 18:55 24 Dec 2003

PDF Factory is shareware so you can test it thoroughly before paying for it. I'm a happy user. The trial version prints a banner of every page.

Printed output will be fine. Graphics resolution can be adjusted. Only printing via professional outfits may reveal its limitations.

Just tried GO2PDF. No joy at all. Doesn't even seem to install properly. Still no sign of a free PDF producer that actually works as well as other offerings.

  ?dstow 19:35 24 Dec 2003

Before you get carried away thinking that pdf files cannot be edited, check this out.

click here

Christmas greetings one and all


  Audeal 00:21 25 Dec 2003

There are plenty of programs which can scan a document and convert the text into editable text, such as TextBridge. Not much hope to secure your text I'm afraid.

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