mansou 09:52 23 Sep 2007

I am the sole user of this computer and am named as the administrator.
However I am unable to download any free programmes from the internet because
I am denied access as not having the right status. This does not happen with
the Microsoft site as I get all the automatic updates and have just
downloaded Windows Defender with any problems. I searched for answers but was
told I would have to reboot in Safe Mode to get over this but I cannot
believe that I need to do this everytime I am on the internet and want to try
out a freebee

Can anyone suggest answers which don't involve altering the registry

  Terry Brown 10:41 23 Sep 2007

You could try checking the security level (it may be set to high), also have you enabled cookies, as some (most) free programs like to leave a trace on your system, so they can check on usage.

You coulds also try Sandboxie (only works with explorer) click here as this creates a temp area on your hard drive where you can test programs, however when you close sandboxie, all traces of the files are gone; as I said it is for testing programs only.

  mansou 10:27 24 Sep 2007


My security level is set to MEDIUM HIGH (Default) and cookies at MEDIUM. Thanks for tip about Sandboxie


  CodenameCueball 13:23 24 Sep 2007

try creating another admin account and download through that. that might help

  Andy1991 17:02 24 Sep 2007

Check the status of the administrator account here >

START > RUN > Type "Control Userpasswords 2" > OK, double click "Administrator" in the list.

  mansou 15:28 25 Sep 2007


I've tried creating another account but this does not help


When I open Control Userpasswords I have two User Names, the first titled Administrator described as "Built-in account for administering the computer/domain" and the second my log-in name,titled Administrator but with no description. Is this normal?

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