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Administrator rights with Windows 7

  stlucia2 10:24 11 Feb 2016

I've recently upgraded to Windows 7. While reorganising my drives following the successful upgrade (and all updates installed) I sometimes see a message along the lines of "you need administrator rights to carry out this operation".

I've checked via Control Panel > User Accounts ... and I see that I'm already listed as Administrator. So why do I get these messages? Most recently it was while bulk-copying files from one location to another.

  xania 11:45 11 Feb 2016

I often see this, especially when I am backing up certain files - I simply click ok and the system continues as usual.

  stlucia2 12:04 11 Feb 2016

Yes, I clicked on okay when it happened, and the system continued. So it sounds like a Windows bug. Next time I'll make a note of what file it happens on (when I'm copying a bunch of files), and then check to see if that file was copied with the rest of them.

  xania 15:55 11 Feb 2016

Some files cannot be copied because they are open and there's not much you can do about these, but the others seem to just be reminding you that your admin privileges are being invoked. Strange, but that's Windows for you!!

  stlucia2 20:12 11 Feb 2016

Yes, I went to rename a drive just now, and it gave me the same message. But then it accepted my change.

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