Administrator Rights required by Nero!

  Gaz W 10:38 17 May 2003

I can't burn CDs unless logged on as the Administrator. I download a program called Nero Burn Rights and followed the instructions, but this had no effect. I think it's version 5.0 or 5.5 I'm using.

  Gaz W 11:06 17 May 2003

Forgot some important details - using Windows XP on a Windows 2000 domain. I don't want to give every user full administrator rights because it means they can access each others' documents, etc.

Is there a newer version of Nero that's not affected?

  Muslimat79 11:19 17 May 2003

Apart from the full program, your CD/RW must have come with a version of nero. Can you install this, and then if you can go to nero's website and download the latest version of nero. version 5.10.

  Muslimat79 11:20 17 May 2003

Or you download the latest version and then use your serial number. But believe me you wouldn't be able to use the application if it's not your serial.

  Gaz W 21:00 17 May 2003

My writer is so old it came with Easy CD Creator 3! I believe Nero is on to 5.5 or something now. I have also found out my version - it is

The exact message that appears when Nero starts is this:

"Under Windows 2000 administrator rights are required by Nero to access cd recorders and cd-rom/dvd-rom drives.

Please log in with administrator rights and retry."

  BBez 21:13 17 May 2003

logon with Admin rights. Run Nero Burn rights, when install complete, configure users allowed to burn

  Gaz W 22:39 17 May 2003

This doesn't work - I have tried this exactly. I can either give users that are a member of the Nero group rights or everyone. Obviously, I chose Everyone since I don't have a group called Everyone. It might be because I use Active Directory. Can I install Nero BurnRights on the server?

Is there a newer version of Nero that will allow everyone to burn CDs, or at least allow the administrator to configure which users can?

I did a search on Google and found on one site that it is to do with Nero scanning the registry to detect system settings before it loads the program, and because only administrators are allowed to do this, it will assume that the user isn't an administrator - quite rightly, but annoying.

I am reluctant to give every user that uses the CD writer full administrator rights.

  Gaz W 11:00 18 May 2003

Tried it last night on a normal user and although the message came up, it worked! I had never bothered to try it because I assumed it wouldn't work! I would still like to get rid of the message though.

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