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Administrator problems windows 7 computer

  Harrythecat 08:34 06 May 2017

I am the only person using my computer and I am entered as the administrator. When I try to do something with a file or folder I get this message "You'll need to provide administrator permission to move this file" then I get options Continue skip cancel. Sometimes I cannot do certain tasks because it says I do not have administrator permission. How can I sort this out please

  difarn 09:29 06 May 2017

When you are trying to do something with a file or folder have you tried right-clicking on it and seeing if there is an option to "run as administrator"?

  Harrythecat 09:33 06 May 2017

Just tried that but I do not seem to have that option

  difarn 12:32 06 May 2017

Have you tried

Start - Control Panel - User Accounts - change your account type - make sure the administrator option is chosen.

  Bris 14:15 06 May 2017

Right click on the object and click on the security tab, then click on your user name. All boxes except special permissions should be ticked. If not click on "edit", click on your user name again and tick all the boxes. Click on OK then on apply.

If that doesn't cure the problem you will need to change ownership to yourself in which case post back.

  Harrythecat 14:45 06 May 2017

tried Difarn suggestion. I am the administrator. Tried Bris suggestion all permissions ticked what might I try next please

  Burn-it 20:38 06 May 2017

I believe there are still some very obscure operations under Win 7 that you have to do with the Administrator User ID as well as being an Administrator. Just a reminder that it is risky running with Administrator rights when doing normal day to day tasks.

  Harrythecat 07:56 07 May 2017

Thanks for all your advice. I have decided not to mess about any more. It is a nuisance but I can get by as it is.

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