Administrator Password - is it effective in helping prevent hacking?

  griffon56 14:01 25 Feb 2015

I've been strongly advised to set an Administrator Password on a 2008 Dell Inspiron 530 running Vista on grounds that it would be effective in preventing hacking. Since the computer is in private premises and used only by one person for most of the time, very rarely overlooked physically and switched off whenever not in use, is the extra nuisance really necessary or is it as important in defending against hackers as my advisor has said?

  Ian in Northampton 15:28 25 Feb 2015

An administrator password will only prevent someone physically at your computer from using it (and even then, as rumpelteazer said, it can be fairly easily worked around). It will do nothing to help you avoid online attacks of any kind.

  griffon56 18:23 25 Feb 2015

Thank you both, I rather thought that to be the case. I'm using Windows Defender Firewall and Avast anti-virus, regularly updated. As I understand it, the Defender firewall is pretty good now that it blocks unsolicited outgoing connections. I also use Malwarebytes Anti-malware and over its 6 year life this machine has never had an infection of any kind. Thanks again for your complete answer.

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