administrator password forgotten

  terendak_uk 14:00 20 May 2004

Got a user who's just changed his administrator password in Win2000.....and he's promptly forgotten it. Is there a way to reset it/create a new one? I know he'd be extremely grateful.

  MichelleC 14:07 20 May 2004

If this tool doesn't do it there's a long way round click here

  mezzanine 14:13 20 May 2004

do a search on google for erd commander, works for xp and i've heard it also works for 2k.

  terendak_uk 15:17 20 May 2004

am checking these out now

  terendak_uk 22:40 20 May 2004

passed on info.thanks.
But...I am very surprised that Windows itself doesn't have a solution.....every action must have a reaction????

  hospeng 22:29 22 Jun 2004

I have a problem with Xp admin password.
I've inadvertentl deleted a registry file and the easiest way to restore is with the Xp CD I have but when I get to the bit where you have a choice of re-install or repair I choose repair but then it asks for the Admin password. I never enered on in, as far as I know, and if I had it would have one of very few words that I use. Without this I can't proceed without re-installing and losing some new files and pictures not backed up to CD yet.
Can anyone out there help?
Would be eternally grateful,

  PSF 22:52 22 Jun 2004

It is best to start a separate thread and so it will be noticed.

With the Administrator password just press enter if you have not put one in and that will get you in.

  terendak_uk 21:51 24 Dec 2004

and am absolved.........they reformatted without telling me. Still, mea culpa ;-)))

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