Administrator password

  coolio 17:00 18 Nov 2003

Hi all,

bought a pc lately, a friend set it up. its running windows 2000. im currently set as an administrator of the machine when i logon under my account. however the administrator account also exists and i dont know the password for this, its not essential as i can administer the machine from my own account but its just really annoying me.

anyway for me to reset or find out the administrator password?


  hugh-265156 17:13 18 Nov 2003

have you asked your friend what they set it as?

there may be a clue set up to remind you.

  Jester2K II 17:16 18 Nov 2003

The Administrator account and a "Computer Administrator" account are NOT the same. The true Administrator account has more power.

Surely your friend knows the password??

  coolio 17:18 18 Nov 2003

that was my first port of call,
he's forgotten, he thought it was obvious at the time, ........idiot

  Jester2K II 17:20 18 Nov 2003

You wouldn't believe the number of times i heard people say "i've forgotten the password" or "i've never had a password, ever"!!!!

  coolio 17:20 18 Nov 2003

didnt know that jester,
now i definitely want to know.

  Jester2K II 17:20 18 Nov 2003

Have you tried "obvious" or is that too obvious ?

  BarryKeith 17:21 18 Nov 2003

Did your friend actually put a password or just leave it empty? If he left it empty you can just press the enter key to get in.

  Cretin07 17:24 18 Nov 2003

hi canjust jump in here. im the true administrator for my xp pc and jester you said it has more power. how much more i would like to know. thanks anyone.

  coolio 17:25 18 Nov 2003

i've tried blank,admin,administrator,my name,nickname,birthdays you name it.

he said something about a SAM file, to delete it.
i have to be sure before i do anything that drastic

  Cretin07 17:27 18 Nov 2003

yes, the .SAM files contain all the passwords. Dont ask me how to find it though.

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