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  geedad 21:00 28 Oct 2005

I have two very inquisitive grandchildren who seem to have one purpose in life. To press every icon, button and file on my computer to find out what it does or where it takes them!
Is there a freebie program I can download to stop them accessing files and causing my PC to tremble as the grandchildren approach?
I do use the "User" file in the "Control Panel" to separate their games from my profile, but they are very astute!!

  Jackcoms 21:02 28 Oct 2005

The best 'program' is to install a lock on the door of the room which houses the PC. 21:08 28 Oct 2005

You could try setting up a seperate profile in Windows and giving them limited user access. You can then password your own profile to ensure they only access there own. Are you using XP? If so goto control panel and user accounts - it's quite user friendly from there.

  Splork 21:08 28 Oct 2005

Are you using XP? click here
is a very handy way of preventing a wide range of `interference`.
If you're on 98 or ME the whole system is open, unless you learn how to use System Policies which seems to be for total brainiacs. You need to get `poledit` from your Windows CD and do some reading click here

  Splork 21:13 28 Oct 2005

If you /do/ have XP, just enable the Guest account, install any games you want using your account and copy the shortcuts to "c:\documents and settings\All Users\desktop\" or the Shared folder, then password protect your account - and check the screensaver settings (right click on the desktop) are set to ask for a password upon resume.

  geedad 22:06 28 Oct 2005

Jackoms - They have got the key and locked me out! and Splork.
Many thanks for your helpful contributions. Will try all.

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