Administrator Account Login Windows 7

  hogan8 15:09 21 Jan 2010

I need help
I have done something to my accounts and cannot login as administrator which I want to do to enable a default on a mail account.
When I look at the accounts I can only see two - one is the Guest account and the other I presume to be the Administrator a/c which is p/w protected but when I put in the p/w and open the system to enable the default it still tells me I need to login as administrator !!!
I have carried out the command prompt which should enable the administrator logon but nothing changes.
What can I do please.

  mgmcc 15:47 21 Jan 2010

In "Control panel > User Accounts", select your Administrator account and then click the link to "Change User Account Control settings". Temporarily set the slider to the bottom (Never Notify) and see if that lets you perform the necessary task.

If what you're trying to do is done from the Command Prompt window, when opening it from the All Programs list, did you right-click it and select "Run as Administrator"?

  rawprawn 16:32 21 Jan 2010

Try in booting Safe Mode, and either change the password in user accounts or set it as no password.

  dasli 18:02 21 Jan 2010


  hogan8 23:02 21 Jan 2010

mgmcc... tried that but doesn't let me make the change. I am thinking I might have deleleted the aministrator account by mistake !!

  mgmcc 23:28 21 Jan 2010

Windows won't let you delete an only Administrator account. You need to create a second one from which to delete the first, so that there is always at least one Admin account.

  hogan8 00:12 22 Jan 2010

Tks mgmcc... could you advise me how to do this in W7

  mgmcc 08:23 22 Jan 2010

Go to "Control Panel > User Accounts" which opens with "Make changes to your account". There is a link on the page to "Manage another account", select that and below the box displaying the existing accounts is a link to "Create a new account".

  hogan8 09:57 22 Jan 2010

I found it but it looks like you have to download all the software into the new account - is this so ?

  mgmcc 12:30 22 Jan 2010

When you originally installed the software, there would have been an option to install it for All Users or only for your own User account.

If you opted for only your own account, the shortcuts would have been put into your own settings. With a new Admin account, you should be able to create new shortcuts to the programs and continue to use them.

  hogan8 14:35 22 Jan 2010

Thanks again.I have put in the shortcuts to all software. I had to put in the settings again for the email client (PocoMail) that I want to default but again when I get to the item 'make default' it still advises me that I need to login as Administrator. Most frustrating and I think I will leave it there, the programme is working OK and I think I can get by with the setup as it is.
I did think about trying a system restore to see if the account would come back but the thought of losing and having to re-install some of my software persuaded me not to try !!
Many thanks to all who responded with advice all of which has been much appreciated.

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