novis 15:39 14 Jul 2007

I use Windows Vista and an the sole user. In attempting to run Restoration an error message instructs me to

Please log on with administrator priviledge and then run the programme again.

How do I do this?

  AbodeMilano 15:50 14 Jul 2007

Ok I found how I can access my stuff but I want to log in as Administrator because my itunes library etc is on there but I cant figure how to switch.

  AbodeMilano 15:51 14 Jul 2007

Sorry, meant to post on my thread.

  rawprawn 15:57 14 Jul 2007

Control Panel/User Account/urn user account control off. I am also a sole user and there is no need for user account. (You can turn the system tray warning off)

  Fingees 16:18 14 Jul 2007

You can also run as admin with individual programs as required.

Simply right click on icon, and select open as administrator.

  novis 16:50 14 Jul 2007


I don't understand what this last contribution means, Fingees.


  rawprawn 11:47 15 Jul 2007

Right click on any program you want to run, and at the top of the context menu you will see "Run as administator"

  Reb 11:56 15 Jul 2007

there is some more info about this on the Windows Vista forum here
clicking run as admin doesnt always solve the problem - I now use a small download called take ownership but sometimes I still get access denied

  Andy1991 14:53 15 Jul 2007

Start > type "Control Userpasswords2" in the run/search box > Press [Enter].

Double click your username, and go to the "Group membership" tab, and select Other and change the combo box to Administrators. Select OK, and OK. . . :-)

U can also try to type "Services.msc" in the run box and Pres Enter, then scroll down to "System Restore service" and double click it. Go to "log on" tab and select "Local system acount" and OK, try that then if still not work then go back to that "Log on" tab in "Services.msc" and instead of "local System Account" try "Other2 and type for the username: "Administrator" (With out the Speechmarks) and make both the password fields blank.

  Andy1991 14:54 15 Jul 2007

Select Ok. And then try that.

  Andy1991 10:56 17 Jul 2007


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