ngauge 21:26 26 Mar 2010

I’m in a stupid situation! When I try and install programs from CD, WIN 7 has the cheek to tell me that I do not have authority to do so - only the administrator may do so. I check on user and find both my name and Administrator are in the box, consequently it wont allow me to use ‘administrator’ in any other user I try to create. Any ideas?

  PalaeoBill 22:10 26 Mar 2010

You need to either log in as administrator, or run the setup program from the CD as administrator, i.e. by right clicking on the setup pogram and selecting the 'run as administrator' option from the pop up menu.
If your having problems enabling the administrator account:
click here

  robin_x 00:08 27 Mar 2010

Scroll the sidebar in this click here

Specifically, Ultimate Windows Tweaker and GodMode for lots more access to hard to find options

  ngauge 14:22 27 Mar 2010

sorry Palaeobill - I don't have Win 7 CD - it was already installed.

  PalaeoBill 16:42 27 Mar 2010

>"sorry Palaeobill - I don't have Win 7 CD - it was already installed."

I think we have a failure to communicate here. :-)

I did not mean for you to put the Windows 7 CD in the machine, this is not necessary.
What I meant was for you to put in the CD(s)that contain the programs that you want to install on your system. Each of these CD's will have a setup program (like Setup.exe) or an installer program on the CD. You can browse to the CD drive look at the file list and find the relevant file. If you then right click on it and select 'run as administrator' the program will then install as though you were logged in as the administrator.

Your post says "When I try and install programs from CD, WIN 7 has the cheek..."

Windows 7 is more secure than Microshafts previous operating systems and it quite rightly doesn't want any old user to install programs that would affect all users of the computer. To this end it refuses to let you install and tells you that you do not have the relevant authority. You don't, your not the administrator.

So you need to do one of two things.
1. Log out an log back in again as the user: administrator
If that is not coming up as an option it may be beacause the administrator account is not enabled. If you follow the link I gave earlier it tells you how to enable this account.
2. Install the software with administrator authority. To do this you right click on the program that you want to run and a menu pops up which has an option labelled 'run as administrator'.

I mean, when you want to install programs from a CD, you open explorer and browse to the CD.

  PalaeoBill 16:44 27 Mar 2010

Sorry, last couple of lines of the previous post are spurious rubbish.

  ngauge 16:54 27 Mar 2010

Thanks for the tip - but yet again WIN 7 wont handle older programs, so that's Pinnicle Studio 8; Epson Scanner; iphotoplus - all of which I used to use regularly! I'm going back to XP!

  PalaeoBill 21:05 27 Mar 2010

Did you try running them in compatibility mode?

  ngauge 21:21 27 Mar 2010

As you can't install them in the first place, they don't appear in the list of programs you want to run in earlier version mode! Stupid o/s!

  MarvintheAndroid 16:46 28 Mar 2010

Who set up the machine for you ? Looks like your user account only has "user" privilages. You need to know the administrator password to log on as administrator, then change your normal user name to become a member of the administrators group. Then log off and back on using your normal user name, and everything should be fine.

The adminsitrator password is set during Windoes setup. Without the administrator password - or access to someone who knows it - you are stuffed.

Only other option - re-install windows.


  ngauge 19:55 28 Mar 2010

Thanks, but... Win 7 was already installed so don’t have original CD. I did make a set of ‘recovery’ DVD’s - would they be able to do the job?

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