COUCHER 00:26 15 Apr 2004

My pc os is xp pro and is set up with two users, both are logged as administrator. But how do I log in as administrator.
I'm getting boxes comingup to log in as administrator.
Iknow I saw here some time ago theres a differance between admin, acount and log inas admin. But can't remember how to do it.
Some thing to do with uncheck or check the adimn box.
Any help welcome
Also recently someone had trouble upgradng new hdd and f disking if hey put it up again I think I have the answer....

  johnnyrocker 00:29 15 Apr 2004

i know it is late but what exactly are you on about?


  Gaz 25 00:32 15 Apr 2004

oN THE crtl + alt + del logon screen not the welcome screen...

Type Administrator and then the main password you set for the administator when installing XP.

  dez fowler 00:33 15 Apr 2004

Ctrl-Alt-Del twice on the welcome screen to bring up the old style login then enter "Administrator" as the user and the administrator password as the password.

Your normal user account shouldn't have admin rights, make it a user or power user. If it's admin it leaves you open to all manner of attacks.

  dez fowler 00:33 15 Apr 2004

ha, jinx gaz

  Gaz 25 00:38 15 Apr 2004


And you are very correct in saying that your everyday account should not be admin.

I use restricted zone for everyday use, and use roaming of a small server.

  COUCHER 11:39 15 Apr 2004

Sorry I didn't get back last night but thanks Gaz and Dex for your trouble. I've seen it before but couldn't remember how to do it.
Johnnyrocker, theres a difference between having an Administrator account and signing in as Administrator, There are twoaccounts on the machine I'm on about, both are admin accounts but I needed tosign in as admin to load some programs and couldn't remember how to do it.
Again thank

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