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  angmac 22:58 17 Nov 2003

My 2-year-old XP Toshiba satellite laptop has acquired an ownership problem! Despite the fact that I have never given it a system password, on fire up it presents me with 2 screens: -

The first screen has two prompt lines,
1-‘Username’ pre-entered with ‘administrator’
2- ‘Password’
this is immediately followed (without there being an opportunity to enter a password) by a second screen stating:-
“unable to log on because of an account restriction”

If this last screen is closed and the word ‘administrator’ in the first screen manually changed to another user, (established for access with no password) windows will start up uneventfully with no previous settings (wallpaper etc).

It looks as though something (? from the internet) has got at the registry and altered the windows start-up requirements for the basic administrator user in such a way that a password be required, and that this cannot be altered from within the system (via ctrl panel–users), and now though it can be used as a named ‘user’ I cannot make any changes as administrator.


PS I don’t want to do a complete system restore as much of my software has been ‘upgraded’.
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  VoG II 23:03 17 Nov 2003

Start, Run, type in

control userpasswords2

On the Users tab untick "Users must enter a username ..."

Do this while logged in as Administrator.

  VoG II 23:13 17 Nov 2003

via e-mail

Administrator password

Thanks for the suggestion but as I said the problem is that I cannot log in as administator only as a user.



Please don't do that - just reply to your thread.

  MichelleC 08:35 18 Nov 2003

This is how you can bypass:

1- boot to the windows xp/2000 CD
, 2- press enter to start setup
, 3- press F8 for the license agreement
, 4- when you get the option to repair the current installation press R to do so
, 5- let it run through and for windows XP wait until it reboots and is installing
, devices then press shift F10 to open a command prompt. For windows 2000 wait until
it is registering components then press shift F10 to open a command prompt.
, 6- In windows XP either type in "nusrmgr.cpl" w/o quotation marks at the command
prompt and press enter. For windows 2000 type in "control.exe" w/o quotation marks
and press enter. This should open up the user accounts applet in XP and the
regular control panel in 2000.
, 7- select the users and change or remove their passwords accordingly, apply
settings and close the control panel windows and command prompt windows so that
just setup is running again.
, 8- let the inplace upgrade finish

The user should now be able to log in when it finishes and not have to reinstall
the programs like in a parallel install.

I also have a utility, but only for w2k.

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