Admin password

  graham√ 09:44 10 Jul 2003

As an aside to my attempt to re-instal Windows 95 on an old PC, although I have wiped the C drive, the Administrator password is still 'set'. Have tried removing the m'board battery for a while without success. Anyone know where it is stored, and can I get to it with a screwdriver?

  graham√ 11:16 10 Jul 2003

Answering my own question again! Take out the battery AND remove the mains plug! :-)

  Richard Jude-331895 11:39 10 Jul 2003

By the Admin Password I assume you mean the BIOS Admin password.

You'll need to have a look at the M/board manual to see where the reset Admin password jumper is. If the manual isn't available have a look on the M/board manufacturer's site to see if you can download a copy and follow the instructions given.

Hopes this helps.

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