adls filter conection on telephone extention

  jospar 21:00 06 May 2003

What I'm I doing wrong?

Iam running my broadband off a extention, this poses no problems, but if I connect the phone to the splitter box, phone doesn't work, at first I thought that I had connected it up wrong, muggings had used one splitter box on the extention, and one one the main wall socket, so ended up rerouting the split line back into one!

So took the spliter box off the main wall socket, this has a double connecter one for main phone and one for extention, but still phone doesn't work.

It's not thephone as I've not only tried another phone on the extention, but also tried phone on main line!

Any ideas?

  graham√ 21:05 06 May 2003

You have a faulty ADSL filter.

if im following this right you have eliminated everything to the point that you know the fault is in the filter. if we ignore the first extension and treat the end of that as if it were the wall socket, put the filter into that and the computer and phone into the filter. which sounds like what youve done, do you have any other phones or alarms? all need to have a microfilter

  jospar 21:28 06 May 2003

The set up at the moment is the extention connects to a doubler unit, by using the smae type of plug that you would use to plug into a modem, the doubler unit then has the normal sockets to except the lead from a telephone. I have tried also swapping filters over, but this doesn't make any difference, I also tried putting in the filters so that modem and phone on the extention and at the wall socket having the other splitter connected to the main phone, double checking phone/modems are on the right sides of the box. To no avail.

At the moment I'm using one splitter box for the modem and the main phone plug into the doubler at the wall, can use both the modem/phone at the same time nither causes interverance with the other whenin use.

Hope you can make sence of what I've wrote!

  Morpheus© 22:53 06 May 2003

you only need the filter where you have a phone, the PC does not need the filter, so each phone must be plugged into a filter, and each PC can be plugged straight into the phone wall socket...

  pugs 23:00 06 May 2003

Silly question, but do you have more than one phone on the same phone line, that is not connected through an adsl filter, to the master socket? Cos this caused me some grief when I first upgraded....

  jospar 23:14 06 May 2003

I've tried just having one phone connect, on the same splitter has the modem, and connecting straght into the socket (via extention) the only option I didn't try, and that invovled dismantling the computer and carrying into another room, and doing a stright connect phone and modem >splitter box into wall socket. But this takes time, and is it really worth the hasel?

If I cant sort it out, it doesn't really mater its not the end of the world, it just mean that Ihave t walk 50 ft to answer in another room it just laziness really!

  bambam005 00:03 07 May 2003

have Sky or CCTV on the premises ? This can cause problems

  bambam005 00:08 07 May 2003

ISP for new filters , they should replace them if they are faulty . At least you can try the connection again and eliminate another factor .

  amara 01:20 07 May 2003

I had no luck running a broadband modem and a phone off an ordinary extension with an adls filter. I had to buy a much longer broadband rated modem cable and take it from the main wall socket. Now the filter is in the main wall socket and out of that comes the modem cable and a 2 into 1 phone adapter with two phones attached (one via an ordinary extension.) And now it all works.

  Megatyte 02:34 07 May 2003

It sounds like you are double filtering. This is a common problem when working with plugged in extensions. If you are using a plugged in extension with a socket on the extension feed, plug the filter into the extension rather than the extension into the filter.


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